29 September, 2008

Eagles 20 Bears 24

Well, another week, another ugly game. The Eagles lost to the mediocre Chicago Bears 24-20 once again stinking it up on the national stage in prime time. The Eagles were once again without star Brian Westbrook, who was inactive for last night's game with an ankle injury that was sustained during last weeks game.

The offense should some sporadic signs of life, but when they needed the big play, the came up short. WR DeSean Jackson, showed his talents off again, in both running (2-35), and receiving (5-71, 1 TD (this time making sure he was in the end zone this time)), but I will fall short of a coronation ceremony since his muffed punt led to a Bears TD, and on a subsequent punt he let it roll and the Bears were able to down it deep in Eagles territory.

Even the venerable place kicker David Akers missed two field goals, yeah one was from 51 yards out, but the other one bonked off the right upright. The last couple of years his inconsistency has been a problem for the Eagles. The excuse of getting used to a new holder should no longer be a factor. Akers needs to start nailing these field goals. The two misses last night cost the Eagles the game, although the offense lack of putting the ball in the end zone is the bigger issue.

The defense and special teams came up with big games. The special teams making the ever dangerous Devin Hester a non factor in punt returns, although he did almost bust a kickoff return, but was stopped by kicker David Akers on a remarkable play, which almost makes up for his FG misses.

Next week the Eagles host division rival Washington in an important must win game. The Eagles are last in the division and need a division win to keep pace with the Giant and Cowboys. This should be interesting next week, as a game five if necessary in the NLDS would be on Sunday as well at Citizens Bank Park, and if that happens (and I hope it doesn't) parking, etc will be a nightmare, so the best seat for both games will be right here at my house.

The only consolation to yesterday's Eagles loss was that the Cowboy's got smacked by the Redskins.

Looks like its going to be one of those roller coaster seasons yet again.


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