10 July, 2010

Disgusted With The Polictical Party's and Process

For the last 24 years I have been registered to vote, I have been a registered republican. Although I have never voted the straight party line, I have on many occasion's cross multiple party lines and voted for other candidates. My personal beliefs and ideals used to be more in line with the Republican party, mostly the Reagan era party, not the party as it is currently constructed

I have gotten to a point in my life where I am so disgusted with both major party's and the lack of carrying for the constituents and how they pander more to the lobbyist and special interest groups.

I am almost to the point of switching my party affiliation to independent so I can't identify with either party, but by doing that, I eliminate my opportunity to vote in the primary election, because in Pennsylvania they have closed primaries where you can only vote for candidates for the party in which you are registered.

What this country really needs is a good, strong third or even fourth party, that actually cares about the people who elect them to office, and don't get in bed with the special interest groups and lobbyist. Why is that a party like has not made enough headway in this country to come to fruition. I would join it in a minute.

As the congress is laid out now, the republicans and democrats just bicker back and forth and nothing really gets done. Mostly everything is done along party lines, and no real work gets done. A third party with a strong block of members would force compromise and probably get some real things accomplished.

And while we are on the subject, term limits for our congress members would be a welcome change. I know it would require a constitutional amendment. I would love to see a member of congress with some real guts come forward and propose such an amendment. I would even be happy if it was effective with the newly elected and those currently in office, can ride out their terms until they retire or hopefully replaced.

President Obama has promised change, he has yet to deliver, maybe a member of congress can come forward and propose a change to the constitution.

If not one of them has the guts, it's time for we the people to elect representatives to our government, to put free thinking, open minded and most off all honest politicians, who are accountable to the people for whom they work for and were elected by.

That is the change this country needs.


29 May, 2010

MLB GameTracker - CBSSports.com

First time in Phillies history. What a game, what a pitcher

MLB GameTracker - CBSSports.com


07 May, 2010

On Driving

With all this talk about people talking/texting while driving, its gotten me thinking about some other distractions that occur while people are driving. Most of these distraction are worst than talking on the phone while driving. I don't think it's the actual act of talking, but dialing and texting while driving that is the real issue. So let's take a look:
  • Eating while driving
  • Changing the radio station, CD player, iPod
  • Messing with the GPS
  • Smoking/lighting your cigarette
  • Disciplining your children

While we're at it, why don't we ban talking while driving, in fact let's take it to the next level, let's just ban passengers altogether. I know that sounds ridiculous but isn't talking to someone in the car the same as talking to someone on the phone, in fact a person next to you can be even more of a distraction.

Before they start legislating what people are doing while they are driving let's take a look at the big picture, and look at everything that people are doing while driving. As technology evolves more distractions are evolving as well.

Personal responsibility can't be legislated, unfortunately but it all comes down to common sense.


04 May, 2010

The Pacific

Well after 8 episodes of The Pacific I must say that I am very disappointed, and to this point, a true disservice is being done to the Marines and Sailors who fought in the Pacific.

I eagerly awaited this mini-series, and expected it to mimic the epic Band of Brothers mini-series. Boy was surprised.

Like I posted in my earlier blog post, this series shows little fighting by the Marines, no character development and most importantly focuses more on the love lives of Marines than it does the actual war.

With Band of Brothers you felt as if you were part of the unit, following through jump school, the D-Day and Market-Garden jumps, the heroic stand at Bastogne, and the final push through Germany. You got to know the characters, and as the title suggests, saw Easy Company bond as one.

The Pacific jumps all over the place and for those who lack any real knowledge of the battles that occurred in the pacific theatre, the series is almost impossible to follow.

There are two episodes left, I sure hope they have more action and less Lifetime than the previous episodes

Call me a purist but I expected more from Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg.


29 March, 2010

The Pacific

Well so far the HBO miniseries The Pacific has been a real disappointment to me. In comparison to the epic Band of Brothers, this series has yet to really draw me in, and feel a part of the men who fought in the pacific theater.

My first and biggest complaint, is that unlike the Band of Brothers, we didn't get to see any character development or even training. I am having a lot of trouble figuring out who the characters are. The only character I know for sure, is Chesty Puller, and the only reason I know him is because I have seen him in other movies.

Episode 3 was a joke to me. There was absolutely no fighting, and to me, it was much like watching a soap opera. I don't understand the point of this episode save for the fact that it shows how the Marines were during down time. Perhaps the most poignant scene was when Staff Sergeant Basilone was awarded the Medal of Honor.

I know this series is based on a couple of books, as was the Band of Brothers. Full disclosure, I have not read either of the books (With The Old Breed by Eugene Sledge and Helmet For My Pillow by Robert Leckie) so I'm not sure how they are written ergo I don't have any way to compare the books to movie. I did however read Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose (who was an Executive Producer of the mini-series) and the Band of Brothers mini-series pretty much followed the outline of the book.

I hope the series get's better, because for this WWII buff, all of the hype of the program has been a bust to me. The previews for next week look better. I want to see some combat and how it really was for the Marines, soldiers and sailors in the pacific theater. The fighting was brutal and up close. It shouldn't be dumbed down for political correctness sake. The story needs to be told how it was, lest we forget why we fought.


14 January, 2010

2009 Philly Sports Year In Review

Well another disappointing year here in Philly in the sports world. The Phillies, gave it a good run, but slumped at a bad time, and were overwhelmed by the venerable New York Yankees.

The Eagles, well it's the same old story every year. They have ebbs and flows, beat teams they shouldn't, lose to teams they should she beat, but most of all, they do what they have done almost every year under the Andy Reid regime, choke in the big game.

The Phillies had an exciting season, despite sub-par performances from their 2008 ace Cole Hamels. They boosted their staff mid season with the acquisition of Cliff Lee who had a phenomenal remainder of the season, and an outstanding post season. Of course the post season acquisition of Roy Halladay meant that Cliff Lee was the odd man out. The Phillies will continue to be contenders for years to come since most of their players are still young, and under contract. My only wish is that the Phillies kept Lee, since he was under contract for another year. I am sure, the organization had the funds available to pay both Lee and Halladay. I could only imagine how good the pitching staff would have been with both of those guys on staff.

My other hope for the Phillies is that both Brad Lidge and Cole Hamels, got their heads together, and have seasons like they did in 2008. Both of these guys are integral parts of the Phillies staff and need to be more consistent in 2010.

Now on to the Eagles.

Being a life long Eagles, I am used to the consistent disappointments that this organization brings us fans every year, and every year we get the same rhetoric from the coach and owner. Bottom line, is that McNabb needs to go. This team is being built on youth, and those young guys have shown us a lot this year. McNabb has proved again that he is a sub-par quarterback, either over throwing, under throwing or just flat out making bone head decisions.

As for decision making, Coach Reid needs to take a long look in the mirror and truly evaluate his play calling and personnel decisions this off season. The defense which used to be formidable, looked awful this year. I believe Sean McDermott did a stand up job in place of long time coordinator Jim Johnson. I found the defense play weak, especially in the areas of tackling, and bone head penalties.

The Phillies start spring training in about a month, so there is a good month off for me with Philadelphia sports, I could care less about the Sixers and Flyers. I actually need the break. By the time spring training starts, I will be ready to get my daily fill of sports


03 December, 2009

Mark Your Calendars

His Eminence John Cardinal Foley will be returning to to his boyhood parish, Holy Spirit, in Sharon Hill, PA, to celebrate the 1030 mass, on 27 December 2009.

We are excited and honored to have his Eminence return "home" and celebrate mass with the people of Holy Spirit.

photo courtesy of Vatican


07 October, 2009

Bring On The Rockies

For the third year in a row, the Philadelphia Phillies are in the post season. As defending world series champions the pressure is all on the Phillies. I am not as confident in this team as I was last year. Mostly because of the pitching. The bullpen which was rock solid last year has been luke warm at best, and the starters save for Joe Blanton and JA Happ have been very inconsistent. Cliff Lee the mid-season acquistion who came over and lit the other teams up, fizzled out, and Cole Hamels, I have renamed Cold Hamels.

Another worry for me is the closer situation. Right now I have more confidence in Ryan Madson than Brad Lidge, but knowing the way Charlie manages I imagine that Lidge will be his man. I like Madson in the closers role, but he is also perfect as an eighth inning man.

As for the offense, I'm not really concerned the team just needs to keep doing what they do best.

I say the Phillies win the first series 3-1, splitting the series here at home.


27 June, 2009

On Michael Jackson

I am sure I am not the only one who is not saddened by MJ's death. Sure the guy had a lot of success in the music industry, but for me, MJ will always be remembered as a messed up person, who only by the fact that he had lots of money (to pay off/hush witnesses), and could afford good legal representation that he avoided jail time.

Although karma had a way with him, since the trial, and him fleeing to Bahrain, he really had no career since, and managed to stay out of the spotlight, which was fine with me.

The sooner the story of his death is no longer being reported the better. He was a has been, and his death to me is not tragic at all. He is no better than any other rich person that got away with a crime...To me that is his legacy


13 June, 2009

Clapton/Winwood Wachovia Center 2009-06-12

Just realized that it's been LONG time since I posted a blog entry, well here something worth blogging about, and for my fellow Clapton and Winwood Disciples out there on the WWW.

Well it was 17 years since I last saw Clapton, and over 22 since I saw Winwood. The opportunity to see the two of together was a concert I simply could not pass up. I have seen a bunch of their YouTube video's but the prospect of seeing them live was something I would not want to pass up. The show was announced in early February, the moment they went on sale I patiently waited in queue to get my tickets.

The set list pretty much followed the MSG CD that was released late last month. Which contained some great tracks. I highly recommend the CD for Clapton/Winwood fans.

They did Blind Faith, Traffic, Derek & The Domino's, Jimi Hendrix, and mixed in some of their own solo stuff with help from each other.

The best song of the night was Cocaine, which was the final song of the show prior to the encore. The knocked it out of the arena, trading vocals and solos. The highlight was not Steve or Eric's singing or playing it was keyboardist Chris Stainton's solo. He got quite the ovation after he was done, he really nailed it.

The other highlight was the acoustic version of Can't Find My Way Home. Simply amazing.For two guys in their 60's the didn't miss a beat. Their vocals and guitar and keyboard was as good as ever.

Their supporting cast, (keyboardist, Chris Stainton; bassist, Willie Weeks; drummer, Abe Laboriel, Jr. and two female vocalists, Michelle John and Sharon White) rounded out a nice band. They rocked the Wachovia Center last night, and while the concert was a bit on the short side (only 2½ hours), (no intermission), and only one encore, (Dear Mr. Fantasy) it was an excellent concert. However, they played straight through, with little or no break between songs albeit for instrument changes.

The best thing about this show was it was just two guys doing what they do best, no quirky special effects, no fireworks, no fancy light tricks. The music did the talking, and boy did it speak

Here is the official set list (courtesy of : Whereseric)
  1. Had To Cry Today
  2. Low Down
  3. After Midnight
  4. Sleeping In The Ground
  5. Presence Of The Lord
  6. Glad
  7. Well Alright
  8. Tough Luck Blues
  9. Pearly Queen
  10. Tell The Truth
  11. No Face, No Name, No Number
  12. Forever Man
  13. Georgia On My Mind
  14. Driftin' - acoustic
  15. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
  16. Layla -acoustic
  17. Can't Find My Way Home
  18. Split Decision
  19. Little Wing
  20. Voodoo Chile
  21. Cocaine
  22. Dear Mr. Fantasy (Encore)

(edited to add set list and supporting musicians)


31 December, 2008

2008: Year In Review

Just realized that it's been almost two months since my last blog entry. Figured I would do my own little recap of the year, personal, political, and professional.


Well we have a new President coming to town, the people of America have chosen a new leader for this country. In what was an historic election, the first black man to run and get subsequently elected, and the second time a woman was on the VP ticket, and the first time for the republican party. In an election that had plenty of vitriol spewing from all avenues, and outlets, or in your author's opinion, same bullshit, different election year. Both candidates and party's promising change, it remains to be seen. President-Elect Obama will have it a little easier, especially since he will have Democrat controlled congress. Obama will have a lot on his plate. A lot of pundits are throwing the blame at President Bush, some of which is justified, but you really can't blame Bush for everything that is wrong in this country. Sure his approval numbers suck, but I have always believed that history will look back on the Bush presidency and see it differently. We have not been attacked since 2001, and although we have not caught Bin-Laden, (which is where our focus should have been all along), he is on the run, and it is my hope that he is caught dead or alive, preferably the former.

Good luck Mr. Obama, you have a formidable task at hand, and it looks like you are surrounding yourself with smart and knowledgeable people, albeit a lot of Clinton Administration retreads, let's see if the change that you promise is more than a sound bite. Action speak louder than words, and action is what we need.


Jen and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary in October.

Kim is now in seventh grade, texting and aiming her life away, but very active in both volleyball, basketball, and girl scouts. Earlier this year, she was confirmed by Auxiliary Bishop Robert Maginnis.

Michael is now in fourth grade, and posting very good grades. He is playing soccer and baseball. In fact his soccer team was undefeated this season, and they won a local tournament. He also started in Cub Scouts/WEBLOS, and has been on two camping trips, one of them earning his whittling chip badge, which means he can safely operate a pocket knife.

Jen is still teaching at Chester Community Charter School and still working a shift or two a month at Lankenau.

Fluffy, is still big boned, and spends most of his days either curled up in a ball or laying flat on his back, getting up only long enough to eat, drink, and poop. Although at night he does prowl the neighborhood doing God knows what, occasionally bringing us home a critter that he has killed.

For me, its been an up and down year. In July, I had a baclofen pump implanted to help with the muscle spasticity that I have been having. After the surgery, I spent a week, at Moss Rehab Hospital doing intensive inpatient rehab, then did six weeks of outpatient PT. I missed two months of work in the process.

I found out a few weeks ago, that I have to get my defibrillator changed, which will happen on 09 January. Ironically enough, my device started beeping Sunday morning indicating that the battery is running low. At the office visit with the doctor, he recommended that I get the device changed since the charge time was a little longer than he liked, so we set up the appointment.

Of course one of the highlights of the year was the Phillies winning the World Series. We actually attended about five or six games this year. What a season it was for the Phillies, and it was great to see them win it all, after so many disappointing years by the other franchises. The kids were real excited as well. Just this past Sunday, the stars aligned, and the Eagles snuck into the playoffs as a sixth seed.


I am still spreadsheeting the days and sometimes nights and weekend away here at KlingStubbins. Earlier in the year, I went to our Cambridge office for a couple of days, on what was my first business trip. During the trip, Jen broke her foot, and was in a walking boot thingy for a month or so.

That's it, for this year. All the best to you and yours in 2009.


05 November, 2008

Well The People Have Spoken

They wanted change, albeit 52%, and change is what they got. We will soon have Democratic President and Congress.

Let see if all their talk about change is rhetoric or if they actually put their words into real action. Otherwise, the American people can vote for change again and again. That is the beauty of our system of government, we the people have a voice and choose our representatives, even though we may not like who is ultimately elected, we the people can change that at any time

Just remember to those newly elected or those reelected not to forget who you work for, the people, not special interest.

Best of luck President-Elect Obama. You have a taken on a huge burden, and have a lot of expectations of you. We as a nation can only hope that you are as good a leader as you are a speaker, because actions speak louder than words.


03 November, 2008

Eagles 26 Seahawks 7

After a slow start by Donovan McNabb, the Eagles offense though the had trouble in the red zone, prevailed over the Seahawks, 26-7

Second year tight end Brent Celek had a record setting game catching six balls, for 131 yards, a record for an Eagles tight end. McNabb ended the day 28/43 for 349 yards, with two touchdowns, and one interception (which was a pick in the end zone), after starting the game throwing balls in the dirt, or over the heads of his receivers he got his composure and starting throwing strikes to his receiver. One of his touchdowns was to offensive lineman Todd Herremans, who lined up as an eligible receiver, who caught a one yard pass from McNabb.

After the Seahawks came out firing, scoring on their first possession, a 90 yard pass to Koren Robinson, from backup QB Seneca Wallace, and the Eagles came up with four straight three and outs, it looked like it was going to be a long afternoon for the Eagles. The Birds managed to even up the score before the half, and then came up firing in the second half, and kicker David Akers added four field goals to secure the victory for the birds.

So with the Cowboys losing, the Eagles are now tied with the Cowboys at 5-3, with the 7-1 Giants coming to town next Sunday night for a prime time pivotal division game.


31 October, 2008

Top Ten Things that Went Through Cole Hamels' Mind After Winning the World Series

Cole Hamels from the Phillies, read the Top 10 list on the David Letterman Show

10. Maybe I’ll get to be on “Dancing With The Stars.”
9. Can I wear my cup in the off-season?
8. The Rays collapsed faster than my 401(k).
7. How cool a name is Cole Hamels?
6. This must be how the Yankees used to feel.
5. Is the Phillie Phanatic hitting on my wife?
4. Seriously, how cool a name is Cole Hamels?
3. How can I celebrate when the nation’s economic output is the weakest it’s been since the third quarter of 2001?
2. I hope John McCain will start calling me “Cole the Pitcher.”
1. Now maybe I’ll get to appear on Leno?

photo/list courtesy CBS

30 October, 2008


The Phillies did it, last night in an historical game and in a true nail biter fashion, but in the end they prevailed over the Tampa Bay Ray 4-3 winning their second World Series in the teams 126 year history, and the first time 28 years. It also a Philadelphia championship drought of over 25 years, after coming close many times, the supposed curse of Billy Penn has been broken.

I am very lucky that I was able to remember the last world series win, I was 12 at the time, the same age as my oldest, and in turn we let both of our kids stay up and watch the continuation of the suspended game from Monday night, that started off with the Phillies batting in the bottom of the sixth.

Pinch hitter Geoff Jenkins got the party started with his lead off double, coming around to score, after being moved over to third on a Jimmy Rollins bunt then coming into to score on a bloop single by Jayson Werth, though the slim 3-2 lead was only short live when Rays outfielder Rocco Baldelli quickly tied the game with a solo shot to left in the top of seventh.

Not to be outdone, outfielder Pat Burrell hit a long double, his only hit of the world series, was replaced by pinch runner Eric Bruntlett, who came around to score on a Pedro Feliz single.

Then the Phillies Bullpen took over and shut the Rays down, with Brad Lidge getting his seventh save of the post season, and remaining perfect in save opportunities for the season.

It's a great time to be a Philadelphia sports fan. This is a great thing for the city and its loyal fans who have seen so many teams come so close only to walk away.

I am also happy that I could share the moment with my own family. It's a memory that will never be forgotten. I know I won't

picture courtesy of mlb.com


28 October, 2008


The game sucked last night, letting the game go on as long as it did is a disgrace. Bud Selig is such an asshole.

They league should have moved the start time of the game to 600. Sure it would have screwed up the prime time ratings, but at least they would have gotten the game in.

We have waited 25 years for a championship in this city, another day or two shouldn't be that bad.

And the umpiring sucked once again. The inconsistency of the strike zone for both teams has been abysmal. These guys are supposed to be the best. May be an eye test should be part of the screening process.



27 October, 2008

Three Down One To Go!

Well the bats really came to life last night in South Philly as the Phillies pounded the Rays, 10-2, winning game four of the world series, and taking a 3-1 lead. Heck even Joe Blanton the Phillies starting pitcher went yard...the first home run in his career.

After three games that were nail biters, especially Saturday nights. it was nice to see the Phillies put some runs on the board, and play long ball.

The first championship Philadelphia has seen in over 25 years could happed tonight. I am sure the town will be rocking all day.

Oh and the Eagles had a nice W yesterday. Brian Westbrook looked no worse for the wear after missing a couple of games with injuries. He scored twice, rushing for a 167 yards (which almost his total yardage cumulative for the season), and catching six balls for 42 yards. Donovan McNabb threw for 253 yards, but was only 19/34, with a lot of his misses being thrown way over his receivers heads, which is uncharacteristic for McNabb since most of his misses generally are at his receivers feet. One nice thing to see was McNabb running the ball. Even though he only had 25 yards on six carries, one of them being a touchdown, he showed how much of a threat he can be with his legs.

So it was a good day to be a sports fan here in the Philly area. Let's hope Cole Hamels can pitch another gem tonight, and the Phillies bring home a championship to the city.

It's been long enough


24 October, 2008

Hit The Damn Ball

Especially with runners in scoring position. 1 run in 28 bats with RISP, will not win games, nor bring a parade down Broad Street.

The Phillies need to wake their bats up, the long ball has all but disappeared and the hits they do get aren't picked up by the other players.

Not panicking yet, but the lack of offense from the Phillies is a bit scary. Hopefully a day off, and home field advantage will bring the bats to life.

I'd love to see the Phillies win the next three here.

Disappointing loss last night, but that is why there are seven games.

23 October, 2008

One Down Three To Go

Despite leaving a boat load of men on base, J-Roll and Ryan Howard, not being factors the Phillies squeaked out a W last in the opening game of the fall classic, 3-2. Cole Hamel, Ryan Madson, and Brad Lidge pitched near perfect baseball last night, even though the run support wasn't there.

Game two tonight, let's hope the momentum from last night carries the Phil's to a win, but most importantly, let's hope the bat's come to life.


18 October, 2008

Congratulations To The Glenolden Gonzo's

For winning the Prospect Park 9-10 year soccer tournament. They had to play four games in a five hour time frame with only one 45 minute break, and that was between game two and three. They won by scores of 4-0, 2-0, 3-1, 2-1 respectively, the latter being the winning game.

The championship game was a nail biter with the winning goal, coming with about one minute left to play. The kids (and parents) were all very proud of their young athletes, who played like and acted like true champions and most importantly were gracious winners and good sports throughout the day.

Our son Michael, plays mostly defense, but today he had a chance to play on the offensive side of the ball, and while he didn't score any goal or have any assists he played very well. He even filled in at goalie in the late stages of game one, after a player from the other team kicked the goalie in the hand while the goalie had possession of the ball. The goalie is one of the best players on the team, he returned to the net in game 2 and finished out the tournament with no apparent problems.

Michael is very excited to be a part of a team that won something, and I give a lot of credit to the coaches for their efforts in coaching the team, they are a credit to the youth club, and do an excellent job with the kids, assuring that each one them plays equal amounts of time.

The pictures above were taken after the tournament win and show the team and coaches with their trophy. All the kids got medals displaying their first place win in the tournament, and they were all ecstatic to be given them

It was a long day for the kids, parents, and coaches, it was in the upper 40's at the first tipoff, and everyone was a little bit on the cold side, but it warmed to more comfortable temperatures as the day progressed.

One funny note that I should add, is that after the final game, the kids dumped a jug of Gatorade on one of the assistant coaches, who was gracious enough to be a part of the celebration, despite the cool weather was a good sport, and the kids had a good laugh about it

Congratulation again to the team, they played their hearts out today, and they should be proud, I know all of the parents are


16 October, 2008

World Series Here We Come

After a 15 years absence the Philadelphia Phillies will be returning to the big dance, with an opponent yet to be determined. It was an exciting game and series, and its exciting to the city of Philadelphia for another chance at a championship. The city is in a 25 year championship drop.

Good luck guy, and let's bring one home to the city of brotherly love

picture courtesy of mlb.com


05 October, 2008

NLCS Here We Come

Congratulations to 2008 Philadelphia Phillies on advancing to the NLCS for the first time since 1993...Heck I was on the verge of getting married at the time. The Phillies behind a fine pitching performance from Joe Blanton, dispatched the Brewers 6-2 at Miller Park in Milwaukee. Phillies Left Field Pat Burrell led the charge for the Phillies belting two home runs, one a three run shot in the third inning which turned out to be all the Phillies needed. Shortstop Jimmy Rollins got the game started with a lead off home run, and from that moment on, the momentum never seemed to shift to the Brewers.

Next up are the Dodgers who come to town Thursday night, in what is expected to be an interesting series, as the teams split their season match up four games apiece.

Enjoy your days off, and rest up guys. Look forward to an interesting series with the Dodgers.


29 September, 2008

Eagles 20 Bears 24

Well, another week, another ugly game. The Eagles lost to the mediocre Chicago Bears 24-20 once again stinking it up on the national stage in prime time. The Eagles were once again without star Brian Westbrook, who was inactive for last night's game with an ankle injury that was sustained during last weeks game.

The offense should some sporadic signs of life, but when they needed the big play, the came up short. WR DeSean Jackson, showed his talents off again, in both running (2-35), and receiving (5-71, 1 TD (this time making sure he was in the end zone this time)), but I will fall short of a coronation ceremony since his muffed punt led to a Bears TD, and on a subsequent punt he let it roll and the Bears were able to down it deep in Eagles territory.

Even the venerable place kicker David Akers missed two field goals, yeah one was from 51 yards out, but the other one bonked off the right upright. The last couple of years his inconsistency has been a problem for the Eagles. The excuse of getting used to a new holder should no longer be a factor. Akers needs to start nailing these field goals. The two misses last night cost the Eagles the game, although the offense lack of putting the ball in the end zone is the bigger issue.

The defense and special teams came up with big games. The special teams making the ever dangerous Devin Hester a non factor in punt returns, although he did almost bust a kickoff return, but was stopped by kicker David Akers on a remarkable play, which almost makes up for his FG misses.

Next week the Eagles host division rival Washington in an important must win game. The Eagles are last in the division and need a division win to keep pace with the Giant and Cowboys. This should be interesting next week, as a game five if necessary in the NLDS would be on Sunday as well at Citizens Bank Park, and if that happens (and I hope it doesn't) parking, etc will be a nightmare, so the best seat for both games will be right here at my house.

The only consolation to yesterday's Eagles loss was that the Cowboy's got smacked by the Redskins.

Looks like its going to be one of those roller coaster seasons yet again.


27 September, 2008

2008 National League East Champions

Congratulations to the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies on clinching their second consecutive National League East title today against the Washington Nationals.

Closer Brad Lidge, saved his 41st game is as many games, although it was a nail biter. Shortstop Jimmy Rollins made a remarkable play and turned the first part of the game ending double play, with one out and the bases loaded.

Will have to wait until tomorrow to see if the Dodgers or Brewers are coming to town.

Congratulations guys on a remarkable season, and best of luck in the post season. Let's see if we can end this 25 year championship drought.


An Update and analysis

Yesterday I finished up with my outpatient physical therapy (was going x3 days a week). I see the neurosurgeon on Monday, then it's back to the office on Wednesday.

After almost two months since the baclofen pump was implanted there is a dramatic improvement in my leg strength. I think the pump combined with the intensive inpatient and subsequent outpatient PT, plus keep up with a program at home on my non PT days has helped.

What has also helped is the getting a set of articulating ankle braces (AKA AFO's). Shown below, it prevents my foot from dropping, which has been a problem, when ascending and descending steps, or stepping over obstacles around the house, causing stumbles and falls. It is adjustable with a little screw located at the base of the upper part of the brace. I have had the braces nearly a week, and are still getting used to them. I did a session of PT with the braces and she was happy with how they worked for me. I will still be using the cane when I leave the house, but that is for my own security. The braces keep me pretty steady.

After being out of work for what will be two months, I have mixed feelings about going back. I know that I am ready to go back, but getting back into the swing of things, and trying to maintain my PT program is going to be a challenge especially with the both of the kids involved in sports and scouts, but my PT advised me to do what I can when I can as time allows.

I have to say that doing the inpatient and then outpatient PT was probably more helpful than the pump itself. Getting the pump implanted instilled the confidence in me that I had lost. Once I got back into an exercise routine, it all came back to me, and the drive and enthusiasm that I used to have came right back and I was very good with keeping up with my at home programs, and while I was in therapy sessions, I listened well, and adhered to all the suggestions. Sure I had some setbacks, and I will say that I was harshest critic, my PT team, and family were my biggest supporters and kept me motivated and on track. I have a great program that I will be following and as noted above will try and keep to despite my time limitations.

So a big thanks to Marianna and Dianne for all their help, support and direction. I could not have done it without you.

Go Phillies, and Go Eagles


21 September, 2008

Eagles 15 Steelers 6

In a game that Stillers QB Ben Roethlisberger spent a good portion of the game on his back (sacked nine times) or running for his life, in what ultimately became a game of field position, the Eagles prevailed over their cross state rivals 15-6.

QB Donovan McNabb, delayed his return in the second half, and backup QB Kevin Kolb, got a chance for a few snaps. Despite McNabb's delayed return, he was pretty effective today, completing 24 of 35 passes, but only for 196 yards, and one touchdown. With that TD pass, McNabb surpassed infamous QB Ron Jaworksi for most TD passes by an Eagles QB (176). Most of McNabb's passes were short dump offs, and anytime he tried throwing the long ball, it was too long, too short, picked off, or off target.

One big concern is the apparent ankle injury to RB Brian Westbrook who left the game early in the first quarter. Looking at replay's of the injury, it looks like he stepped on one of his own players and may have tweaked it a little bit, but perhaps there is more to it, as he didn't return to the field of play for the remainder of the game.

Any questions that were raised (including your's truly) about Brian Dawkins ability to keep pace, was put to rest as he came up big today, compiling five tackles, two assists, one sack and one forced fumble.

My player of the game was former Australian rules football player turned NFL punter Sav Rocca, who came up with a couple of booming punts three of which pinned the Stillers deep in Eagles territory, one of which led to a two point safety. Kicker David Akers secured the victory with a late 31 yarder field goal

Overall a pretty lackluster offensive performance by both teams, the Eagles defense came up big today, getting in quarterbacks faces, and holding the Stillers less than 200 yards of total offense.

Next week the Eagles travel to Chicago to face the 1-2 Bears in a Sunday night prime time game.

Let's hope the Westbrook injury isn't to serious, Buckhalter and Bookers are good backup and role players but the absence of Westbrook was definitely felt today.


16 September, 2008

Eagles 37 Cowboys 41

Although the outcome wasn't exactly the way Eagles fans would have liked to have been, in one of the most exciting and highest scoring MNF games in a long time, the Cowboys bettered the Eagles by a score of 41-37

The first half of the game was a clinic in scoring, as both teams, put a combined total of 54 points, with the lead changing hand multiple times.

Once the second half got under way, the tone and momentum of the game slowed down immensely.

The Donovan McNabb that is so famous for his line drives into ground, and over throws came out in force in the second quarter. After a near perfect game this week, as well as a first half last night, he fell right back into his old ways, as well as being a part of two fumbles, one of which probably cost the game, as the Cowboys scored on the subsequent drive.

The defense played okay, but gave up way too many points. Brian Dawkins, as much as I love the guy, and what he has brought to this team over the years, got burned too many times yesterday. His age is definitely starting too show, and as much as an asset his veteran leadership is too this team, his on field skills are drastically weakening, and are becoming a liability. Of course next week, he could come out like a beast and have a phenomenal game, and I as well as lot of others will eat crow.

As exciting as the game was, I would have liked to have seen the Eagles come out with a W, especially in Dallas. It was nice that TO was shut down in the second half after his big TD

Probably beating a dead horse here, but DeSean Jackson's bonehead play that negated a touchdown, was just plain stupid, and I am sure that Coach Reid can and will give him an earful about that, so there is no reason for me to preach about that. Thank goodness B-West punched it in on the next play, at least the Eagles salvaged Jackson's stupidity.

So the Eagles are 1-1 now, with the Stillers (sic) coming into town Sunday for a intrastate match up.


08 September, 2008

An Open Post To The DNC, RNC, and All Other PAC's

Enough of the attack ad's, he said, she said, and finger pointing. I want to hear and read about substance and what your plans are to move this country forward, and what your candidates stand for, what they are against, what they are going to do if elected.

I don't give a shit about, how much, or how little experience the candidates have to say about each other, or how many houses they may or may not own, if their spouse is a good dancer, speaker, parent, etc.

Substance, is what I want to hear about. Give me an idea of who you are, what you want to do, what you don't want to do. Foreign and domestic policy, taxes, gas prices. I'd also like to see a candidate that does not say what they think people want to hear, and I'd also like to see a candidate that isn't in bed with its party, big donors, and special interest. You work for and are elected by the people. Sometimes politicians forget that.

I know I am just some forty something working middles class schmuck from suburban Philadelphia, who has this tiny blog that post's on a variety of subjects, that not to many people read, but I felt the need to get this message out.

Now I feel better


07 September, 2008

Eagles 38 Rams 3

The Philadelphia Eagles sent a message to their NFC East confreres today, by stomping the St. Louis Rams 38-3, in the opening game of the 2008 season, as well as the home opener. QB Donovan McNabb came out with gun's ablazing, despite not having his two starting wide receivers. McNabb went 21/33 for 361 yards, and three touchdowns. The Eagles racked up a total net yardage of 522.

Rookie DeSean Jackson was impressive in his NFL debut, catching 6 balls for 106 yards, and was equally impressive in returning punts, returning eight punts for 97 yards, and almost busting one loose for a touchdown.

Also, the Eagles defense played with a vengeance, holding the Rams to only a field goal, and holding the Rams to only eight first downs, and a 166 net yardage of offense.

The Eagles really impressed me today, in almost of completely mistake free game, save for a few drops by LJ Smith, and a rare two fumbles (but not turnovered) by Brian Westbrook. Both offense and defense played very well, and I hope this continues through the season.

It was nice to see Kevin Kolb get some rep's in as well, although I would have like to have seen him throw the ball more than he did, instead of just handing the ball off.

Big test next Monday night in prime time, as the Eagles travel to Dallas to take on the Cowboys in an early season NFC East match up.

Well done Coach Reid, and staff, let's keep the good times rolling, and I'd like to see the voracity next week in Dallas.


03 September, 2008

Thoughts On Back To School

Well it's that time of year, back to school. My kid's went back today, started with a ½ day, and the remainder of the week is full days. The Mrs. started back yesterday.

This was the first time since my kids have been in school, that I was home to see them off. The sentimentality of the first day of school has long worn off for them since they now each in seventh and fourth grade (hard to believe the former)

It was actually nice, to have the house to myself, so I could truly relax and get the rest I so truly need. I didn't have PT today, but on days that I don't have it, save for Sunday's, I have a PT approved program that I do here at home. So I went through that routine early this morning, then spent the rest of the morning watching mindless action movies until the kid's came home from school. I took them out to lunch as a little treat.

Rewind to yesterday, when I got the distinct honor of taking the kiddies school supply shopping. Our day began around 1000 as we headed out to our first of many stops, Wal-Mart. We spent nearly an hour getting most of the copy books, folders, pens, pencils, rulers, tape, glue, crayons, and lord knows what else. After stuffing our cart with those supplies we ventured over to the backpack section to choose the schoolbag and lunch boxes. The boy took about 8.5 seconds to pick out both of his (now he is my kinda of shopper). The girl on the other hand, spent 10-15 minutes looking through the different types and styles, and could find nothing that met her style needs. So I decided to put an end to the madness and told the girl that we could go somewhere else (Kohl's) to find something more her style. So after this utter torture we venture over to the check out, and end the first of what would be many store visits that day.

On the way over to Kohl's, we happen upon a Staples, where I suggested we stop in and see if they have the marble copy books...Wal-Mart was out. Fortunately Staples did have said items, and we in and out in ten minutes.

Now onto Kohl's. We get there, and of course the girl is in heaven, as the backpacks, just happen to be located in the section of the store that has her sizes. I kept reminding her that we are here for a schoolbag, not wardrobe (they wear uniforms, so no additional clothes were necessary, at least according to me). Once she finally settled on her schoolbag it was time for her to choose a lunch box. Kohl's, had none that coordinated with her newly acquired schoolbag, so she decided that we needed to go to another store. I must add, that never in my years of school did I worry nor care if my lunch box matched my schoolbag, as an example of that, my boys choice of said items is a good example of the lack caring for coordination. As a reward to myself for enduring this school supply shopping adventure, I purchase a couple of Eagles t-shirts, since the one's I had are now rags. Total time in store, approximately 30 minutes.

Off to store #3, CVS, to see if they have a stylish, coordinated lunch box for the girl....thankfully they did, or she would have been brown bagging. Total time in store, about 15 minutes.

It was then off to the deli, to buy lunch meat for the week, a quick but necessary stop.

Thankfully and finally we headed home.

We carried all the bags upstairs...in one trip, had lunch, and then your's truly park his ass on the love seat, where it remained for most of the remaining part of the day.

Lesson's learned:
  • I have no fashion sense, according to my girl
  • School shopping is about as exciting as underwear shopping
  • The boy is like me, he sees what he wants, grabs and goes, no lurking, unlike the girl who says you need to look and shop.
  • He who has the debit card makes the rules
  • School supplies for girls in seventh grade need to coordinate.
  • Picking out a lunch box and school bags is one of the biggest decisions of the school year.
  • I still hate shopping, always have, always will.

So all in all in what a tiring day, only made worse by having PT at 1900, for an hour. Your's truly was a tired pup last night.

So the moral of the story, is that I am glad the kids are back in school, so now I can truly follow doctor's orders and rest and relax, which I intend to do.


22 August, 2008

Well It Wasn't Much

But it's a start. This morning, I started the at home part of my physical therapy, which was designed by the Moss PT and concurred too by my outpatient PT.

I started off with 15 minutes on the bike, which actually turned out to be a better ride than I thought it would. Cranked out, 4.81 miles, in 15.12. Came in at a respectable average speed of 19.00 MPH.

I had to get my monthly Solu-Medrol IV, just after I finished, so that interrupted the PT portion on my planned morning.

Once the IV ran through (takes about an hour), I went downstairs, grabbed my weight gloves and started my PT routine.

Earlier this week, I purchased a 65cm exercise ball which I used inpatient, and they recommended that I purchase one to use at home.

I did my routines, (all with dumbbells) whilst sitting on the ball; bicep curls, tricep curls, lateral raises. The routine called for 2 sets of 10-20 per exercise. The weight was about 15 pounds per dumbbell. I breezed through the bicep curls, at 20 each. The tricep exercise were a little tougher and I only managed 15 per. The lateral raises were the toughest exercise of them all, I only managed 10 per, and the last couple were a struggle. The idea of doing these exercise while sitting on the ball was to help with my balance. I only had one minor slip, nothing major, I am doing the exercises in a corner in my living so I can catch myself if I lose my balance.

After the exercises on the ball, I went to the floor and started doing bridges with the weights. By this point my arms were fried and I only managed about five reps on each arm x2.

The last exercise was to squats with the ball in the corner. Did two sets of 15 with no problems.

Probably over did it a little bit today, will try it again tomorrow, but may space it a little so I don't get as tired.

The best part of the day, was hoping back on the bike, my old friend was just as good as when I last rode it, and I think it was happy to be ridden again.

I am tired now, but I know what I need to do, and have a good plan, and most of guidance to help me along