07 May, 2010

On Driving

With all this talk about people talking/texting while driving, its gotten me thinking about some other distractions that occur while people are driving. Most of these distraction are worst than talking on the phone while driving. I don't think it's the actual act of talking, but dialing and texting while driving that is the real issue. So let's take a look:
  • Eating while driving
  • Changing the radio station, CD player, iPod
  • Messing with the GPS
  • Smoking/lighting your cigarette
  • Disciplining your children

While we're at it, why don't we ban talking while driving, in fact let's take it to the next level, let's just ban passengers altogether. I know that sounds ridiculous but isn't talking to someone in the car the same as talking to someone on the phone, in fact a person next to you can be even more of a distraction.

Before they start legislating what people are doing while they are driving let's take a look at the big picture, and look at everything that people are doing while driving. As technology evolves more distractions are evolving as well.

Personal responsibility can't be legislated, unfortunately but it all comes down to common sense.


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