04 May, 2010

The Pacific

Well after 8 episodes of The Pacific I must say that I am very disappointed, and to this point, a true disservice is being done to the Marines and Sailors who fought in the Pacific.

I eagerly awaited this mini-series, and expected it to mimic the epic Band of Brothers mini-series. Boy was surprised.

Like I posted in my earlier blog post, this series shows little fighting by the Marines, no character development and most importantly focuses more on the love lives of Marines than it does the actual war.

With Band of Brothers you felt as if you were part of the unit, following through jump school, the D-Day and Market-Garden jumps, the heroic stand at Bastogne, and the final push through Germany. You got to know the characters, and as the title suggests, saw Easy Company bond as one.

The Pacific jumps all over the place and for those who lack any real knowledge of the battles that occurred in the pacific theatre, the series is almost impossible to follow.

There are two episodes left, I sure hope they have more action and less Lifetime than the previous episodes

Call me a purist but I expected more from Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg.


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