13 June, 2009

Clapton/Winwood Wachovia Center 2009-06-12

Just realized that it's been LONG time since I posted a blog entry, well here something worth blogging about, and for my fellow Clapton and Winwood Disciples out there on the WWW.

Well it was 17 years since I last saw Clapton, and over 22 since I saw Winwood. The opportunity to see the two of together was a concert I simply could not pass up. I have seen a bunch of their YouTube video's but the prospect of seeing them live was something I would not want to pass up. The show was announced in early February, the moment they went on sale I patiently waited in queue to get my tickets.

The set list pretty much followed the MSG CD that was released late last month. Which contained some great tracks. I highly recommend the CD for Clapton/Winwood fans.

They did Blind Faith, Traffic, Derek & The Domino's, Jimi Hendrix, and mixed in some of their own solo stuff with help from each other.

The best song of the night was Cocaine, which was the final song of the show prior to the encore. The knocked it out of the arena, trading vocals and solos. The highlight was not Steve or Eric's singing or playing it was keyboardist Chris Stainton's solo. He got quite the ovation after he was done, he really nailed it.

The other highlight was the acoustic version of Can't Find My Way Home. Simply amazing.For two guys in their 60's the didn't miss a beat. Their vocals and guitar and keyboard was as good as ever.

Their supporting cast, (keyboardist, Chris Stainton; bassist, Willie Weeks; drummer, Abe Laboriel, Jr. and two female vocalists, Michelle John and Sharon White) rounded out a nice band. They rocked the Wachovia Center last night, and while the concert was a bit on the short side (only 2½ hours), (no intermission), and only one encore, (Dear Mr. Fantasy) it was an excellent concert. However, they played straight through, with little or no break between songs albeit for instrument changes.

The best thing about this show was it was just two guys doing what they do best, no quirky special effects, no fireworks, no fancy light tricks. The music did the talking, and boy did it speak

Here is the official set list (courtesy of : Whereseric)
  1. Had To Cry Today
  2. Low Down
  3. After Midnight
  4. Sleeping In The Ground
  5. Presence Of The Lord
  6. Glad
  7. Well Alright
  8. Tough Luck Blues
  9. Pearly Queen
  10. Tell The Truth
  11. No Face, No Name, No Number
  12. Forever Man
  13. Georgia On My Mind
  14. Driftin' - acoustic
  15. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
  16. Layla -acoustic
  17. Can't Find My Way Home
  18. Split Decision
  19. Little Wing
  20. Voodoo Chile
  21. Cocaine
  22. Dear Mr. Fantasy (Encore)

(edited to add set list and supporting musicians)


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