14 January, 2010

2009 Philly Sports Year In Review

Well another disappointing year here in Philly in the sports world. The Phillies, gave it a good run, but slumped at a bad time, and were overwhelmed by the venerable New York Yankees.

The Eagles, well it's the same old story every year. They have ebbs and flows, beat teams they shouldn't, lose to teams they should she beat, but most of all, they do what they have done almost every year under the Andy Reid regime, choke in the big game.

The Phillies had an exciting season, despite sub-par performances from their 2008 ace Cole Hamels. They boosted their staff mid season with the acquisition of Cliff Lee who had a phenomenal remainder of the season, and an outstanding post season. Of course the post season acquisition of Roy Halladay meant that Cliff Lee was the odd man out. The Phillies will continue to be contenders for years to come since most of their players are still young, and under contract. My only wish is that the Phillies kept Lee, since he was under contract for another year. I am sure, the organization had the funds available to pay both Lee and Halladay. I could only imagine how good the pitching staff would have been with both of those guys on staff.

My other hope for the Phillies is that both Brad Lidge and Cole Hamels, got their heads together, and have seasons like they did in 2008. Both of these guys are integral parts of the Phillies staff and need to be more consistent in 2010.

Now on to the Eagles.

Being a life long Eagles, I am used to the consistent disappointments that this organization brings us fans every year, and every year we get the same rhetoric from the coach and owner. Bottom line, is that McNabb needs to go. This team is being built on youth, and those young guys have shown us a lot this year. McNabb has proved again that he is a sub-par quarterback, either over throwing, under throwing or just flat out making bone head decisions.

As for decision making, Coach Reid needs to take a long look in the mirror and truly evaluate his play calling and personnel decisions this off season. The defense which used to be formidable, looked awful this year. I believe Sean McDermott did a stand up job in place of long time coordinator Jim Johnson. I found the defense play weak, especially in the areas of tackling, and bone head penalties.

The Phillies start spring training in about a month, so there is a good month off for me with Philadelphia sports, I could care less about the Sixers and Flyers. I actually need the break. By the time spring training starts, I will be ready to get my daily fill of sports


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