05 November, 2008

Well The People Have Spoken

They wanted change, albeit 52%, and change is what they got. We will soon have Democratic President and Congress.

Let see if all their talk about change is rhetoric or if they actually put their words into real action. Otherwise, the American people can vote for change again and again. That is the beauty of our system of government, we the people have a voice and choose our representatives, even though we may not like who is ultimately elected, we the people can change that at any time

Just remember to those newly elected or those reelected not to forget who you work for, the people, not special interest.

Best of luck President-Elect Obama. You have a taken on a huge burden, and have a lot of expectations of you. We as a nation can only hope that you are as good a leader as you are a speaker, because actions speak louder than words.


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